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Jun 22, 2024
Enhance Community Communication: 10 Essential Tools for Success

Top 10 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp has gained popularity worldwide, praised for its quick and easy technology that enables you to connect with anyone around the globe. This messenger has many valuable functions and tools, and its developers never stop impressing their users with innovations. So, in this WhatsApp user guide, you’ll learn all the lowdown about top tips and tricks that can enhance your experience.

1. Efficient Battery-Saving Dark Themes

Lots of users might not know, but WhatsApp has brought dark mode to both Android and iOS worldwide. By activating this feature, your OLED screen lights up fewer pixels, which means less power is drained. You can do this by going to the app’s settings and navigating the Theme section to change your preference.

2. Secret Chats for Preserving Privacy

To preserve your WhatsApp privacy, you can use Secret Chats. This feature employs end-to-end encryption; messages can self-destruct, and forwarding them is impossible. To secure a chat, just open the app, swipe left on the chat, and select Lock Chat. In addition, you may set a timer for message deletion if needed.

3. Message Management

In WhatsApp, managing messages is a breeze, both in individual conversations and group discussions. To delete, tap, hold, select Delete, and mark the Delete for Everyone option. Forward by tapping, holding, and clicking the arrow icon. They are labeled as Forwarded, indicating their source. 

You can also save important messages. Simply click or long-press on them and select Keep. To view your saved messages, click the chat info and tap Kept messages. Moreover, the app offers other valuable functions, like archiving conversations to declutter, muting notifications to minimize distractions, labeling chats for organization, etc.

4. Using Backup Systems for Data Preservation

To save your messages, you can do it in multiple ways. First, if you’re on Android, set up backups to Google Drive. iPhone users can use iCloud. Choose how often you want these backups to happen, like daily, weekly, or monthly.

In addition, you can manually back up conversations by going to Chat backup in settings and tapping Back Up Now. 

Finally, if you want to save specific dialogues, you can export them. To export your message history, start by opening the chat. Then, tap More options, followed by More, and then Export chat. You’ll have the option to pick whether to include media or not. Once you’ve decided, an email will be created with your chat history attached as a .zip file.

5. Group Chats for Collaborative Work

WhatsApp group discussions present a convenient platform for the exchange of information among participants. They boost collaboration through easy file, voice, and media sharing, allowing seamless teamwork. To create a group, open the app, tap on Chats, then New Group. Add members and choose a descriptive name that reflects its purpose or topic. Finally, check the details and hit Create. 

Once you’ve created the group, it’s crucial to control it and maintain its activity. For effective group management, you must stick to the following vital principles:

  • Establish clear communication norms.
  • Assign roles if needed.
  • Encourage active participation.
  • Regularly share relevant content.

To ensure utmost efficiency, turn to community-building platforms like KYG. This service offers cutting-edge tools for management and analytics tracking. This can help improve engagement strategies and maximize the potential of your WhatsApp groups.

6. Stickers and Emojis for Better Expression

Both these options are located in the typing bar. To access emojis, simply tap the smiley face icon and select from the various categories. If you want to send stickers, look for the icon with a folded corner. Browse and choose from WhatsApp’s extensive library, or tap the + icon to add more.

The most common emojis include cheery faces as well as sad ones, including 😂 for laughter, ❤️ for love, and 😢 for expressing sorrow. The most popular stickers often revolve around viral memes, animated characters, funny phrases, and cute images.

7. Optimal Configuration of Messaging and Notification Preferences

In WhatsApp, you can tweak the settings for each contact to suit your preferences. It includes muting notifications, hiding your online status, or controlling who sees your profile picture or status updates. All these configurations can be adjusted in Settings. 

8. Voice and Video Messages

One of the most convenient ways to convey genuine emotions is using voice and video messages. These features allow you to share thoughts in your own style, tone, and facial expressions. Just tap the mic or camera icon in the chat bar, record, and send.

9. The Last Seen Feature and Its Settings

To enhance privacy with the Last Seen feature, go to WhatsApp account settings. Navigate to the Privacy tab and hit Last Seen. You may choose My Contacts to share with only saved contacts or Nobody to ensure complete privacy. This option also hides others’ last-seen timestamps from you.

10. WhatsApp Web and Integration with Your Computer

Besides mobile communication, the app allows users to access accounts on a computer. WhatsApp Web offers several advantages, like a more immersive experience, better visual presentation, convenient typing with a keyboard, and accessing media files faster. To explore this opportunity, visit, and scan the QR code with the WhatsApp mobile app.


WhatsApp is committed to continuously enhancing the user experience, both in an individual chat and in a WhatsApp group. The app’s functionality covers different features, from helping preserve your battery life to implementing advanced privacy configurations. So, take advantage of its numerous perks for more effective and enjoyable communication.

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